Heidelberger Spielev Erlag HEI1300 – Star Wars Imperial Assault – The Imperium has an

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Product Description

  • Two Komlette games in the Star Wars universe - The Kampagnen and and the Gefecht game
  • Games considered a held of Rebellion or Kommandiere numerous Stormtroopers, Imperial Offiziere and great AT-ST serious runners.
  • An exciting campaign with more than 30 missions, for wieder play value.
  • Part of the stand mode a team of soldiers and iconic characters together and fight for important Mission destinations.
  • Contains the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Einzelfigu packs the detail plastic figures and additional missions lock for Kampagnen and Gefecht game play.

Product Description

Place. By the destruction of the Death Star has the rebellion of a in fear Live Galaxy Hope Again. The Empire is forced over the loss of his ultimate weapon as soon as possible it is to come, while the Rebel Alliance already tried to do the winning advantage, to use. As a distress signal transmitter to Emporium start, an outer Item to Yavin 4 to send, is a small team of Rebel spies Entsandt. Their mission: to make the signal um jeden Preis Schweigen...
Imperial assault is a strategy game for two to four players, which at the same time two systems (Tactical Battle Game to play and adventure games) around missions in the Star Wars universe. Imperial assault offset you directly in to the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire, short time after destruction of the Death Star over the Yavin 4 two exciting games are made here in one. The Campaign game holds the endless troops and resources the Galactic Empire against a top team of elite Rebel spies, which aiming, reign of Emporium across the galaxy to be broken. What to do against your when stand games attack teams you will need to gather to then gegensätzliche martial arts goals.
The first game will look great in Imperial assault is included, is a campaign game which allows you to up to five players, is the star wars universe by a comprising various missions and for creating an ambience you to history. A player Kommandiert the battle Galactic Empire forces, while up to four other players would become the heroic members of rebellion and partaking in hidden operations and missions. Units Imperial Empire and the Rebel heroes during the campaign New Skills, or other equipment, which leads to an exciting gaming experience, while the history push schreitet. Imperial assault provides in the tactical game a completely individual playing experience. Combat missions a friend and in your tactical stand, Anzutreten against each other. You Your Own Team of Emporium, Rebel and mercenary troops along and baust a deck with Command Cards to you, which you can use to take an unexpected advantage at all times. All Combat Mission have their own goals. Whether you lost Holocons rettest or kämpfst to, you'll be faced by in any stand, hazards, voltage, and tactical decisions to beat a shock Trupp.

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