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Product Description

  • [Meng pet shape] 3 different styles of pet Meng Bao, like children to accompany children to tell stories, sing and chat, and with dance movements lively and interesting: interactive communication, so that children no longer feel lonely.
  • [Companion with children] Mini growth intelligent companion robot, early education / micro-chat / song / story, based on the use of time as a basis for growth, divided into four stages of growth: infant stage, young children, children stage; let us grow together Let's go!
  • [One-click recording] can sing and dance, one-click recording, accompanying children, happy growth, fun life can sing a song for you, and dance, "Little master, I will learn from you, just take you I want to say the recording and play it," let's play together!
  • [Small story before going to bed] At night, the children's excitement is smoothed, and the children can sleep more quickly and sweetly, so that parents can feel more at ease.
  • [Charging method] with USB charging cable, charging time 2.1 hours, playing time 1.2 hours USB charging cable is suitable for the following methods - Method 1: Link computer USB charging; Method 2: Link charging treasure charging; Method 3: Link USB head Charging.

Product parameters:
Name: Intelligent Robot
Model: 333-R02
Body: USB charging
Remote control: button battery x3
Play time: about 1.2 hours
Charging time: about 2.1 hours
Color box size: 21.7×9.8×25.2cm
Product features: forward backwards / left turn right turn / rotate / music English / dance / story / recording / eat fruit / eat steak / drink coke / exercise / bath / sleep
Delivery: USB charging cable, manual, pendant
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