Tumdee Miniatures Dolls House Accessories Set of 3 Wicker Baskets C

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Product Description

  • Handmade Wicker Baskets
  • 1:12th Scale Dolls House Miniature
  • Each Basket is Approximately 3cm Diameter x 2.4cm Deep
  • Handmade Dolls House Miniature
  • Baskets are Handmade From Wicker and May Vary in Size Slightly

This item is a /2th scale Dolls House Miniature.
This is for a Set of 3 Wicker Baskets.
These items are a part of our Basket Range which includes, Wicker, Bamboo and Plastic.
This item is sold by Tumdee Dolls House Miniatures, a family run business, established since 2000, we pride ourselves on affordable, high quality dolls house miniatures.

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